R.T.E. - Radio Telefis Eireann

Ireland's National Public Service Broadcaster, RTE, has given Vassar College, WVKR and Brendan Daly permission to re-broadcast some of their excellent programs. This is a first for college radio in the USA.

The Irish Radio Service began on January 1, 1926. Regular television broadcasts began on December 31, 1961 making RTE one of the oldest continuously operating public service broadcasters in the world.

The Irish Show will feature some of the excellent RTE Documentary Series. The full list is available at www.rte.ie/radio. The "Playback" radio program is a weekly review of the best of Irish radio, presented by Ruth Buchanan. There will also be "Sports Panel" with Irish experts discussing major sporting events such as The All Ireland Finals.

Please send feedback to Brendan@irishradiony.com on these great RTE programs. Check out their website and suggest other RTE programs that you would like to hear on WVKR's Irish Show.